In our lifetimes, we have seen many inventions that have made life just a little easier. The pump plastic hand lotion bottle is one but we all know the frustration of trying to empty out the last 10% in the bottle that the pump cannot reach.  Some just throw the bottle away but for most of us that is not an option.  We are going to get what belong to us.

There are different methods for removing the remaining product.  The most popular is flip the bottle over, beat it, and after a significant amount of frustration, you will get your reward. Guess what?  You get to do it all again the next time a little hand lotion is needed! Some schools may just turn the container upside down and leave it; however, many lotions are too thick to run down the bottle or they do run and lotion is everywhere but your hand! I do believe the most effective way is surgery.

The surgical school uses a sharp knife or box cutter to cut the bottle in half. This leaves a small bowl of lotion to dip your fingers in. To sum up you can beat it, flip it, cut it or you can use the patented product TAP-ITS®.

TAP-ITS® are a small specially designed screw that is made in America.  With a short Philips screwdriver, simply use TAP-ITS® to screw into the bottom side of the lotion bottle. Next, tap the bottle toward the TAP-ITS® and squeeze. The lotion will flow when the bottle is squeezed through a specially designed tube and holes. You will be amazed how long that empty bottle of lotion will last with TAP-ITS®.

TAP-ITS® are reusable! Just unscrew the TAP-ITS® when the lotion bottle is empty and reuse on your next bottle. We include 4 TAP-ITS® in each jar, which will give you years of saving time, money and frustration with your lotion.