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  1. I bought these at a fall fest-type event a couple of years ago. They are fantastic and work exactly as described, well worth the price!

  2. First, I was impressed with the speed of delivery! My Tap-Its arrive in two days! They worked exactly as described. I used the cute little Tap-Its screwdriver to put in in the lotion bottle which took less than a minute and it dispensed the lotion that would not pump out from the bottom of the bottle! I plan to buy some for all my friends!

  3. This is an amazing product! I get all the lotion out with no waste! At first you really don’t think that tiny bit of lotion is a waste. It’s not just you that is putting that little bit to waste. Almost everyone who uses lotion does it. I admit, I used to do it. But with this product all that wasted lotion is used! Whoever made this is a genius!! Would truly recommend to anyone who uses lotion.

  4. Wow: Whomever came up with this is a genius. Wonderful to finally not get ripped off. Can now use every drop of my hand lotion. Will be giving as a Christmas present.

  5. Love this product! I hate it when I spend so much money on lotions, cleansers and skincare products and can’t get it all out of the tube. Works great! This is truly a money saver and would make a great gift!